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A Sunny Forecast for West Palm Beach Real Estate

As the economy begins to pick up again, the real estate market is also showing signs of a healthy recovery, including West Palm Beach real estate and West Palm Beach land.

Home Values on the Rise

This is verified by numerous statistics available from real estate research firms like Trulia and RealtyTrac:

  • The average price per square foot for West Palm Beach real estate has grown by 56.5% since the same period last year and is now $180 per square foot.
  • The median sales price for homes in West Palm Beach from November has also increased by 10.2%, or $13,000, since the same period last year.
  • There is a significant decrease in the number of homes in the pre-foreclosure, bank-owned, or foreclosure process. This has been a key factor in helping home values begin to rise because the inventory of available homes is much smaller.
  • The average listing price is $381,378 as of the start of February, showing an incremental increase of 6.5% from the start of 2015. Other listings, including those for mansions and condominiums as well as West Palm Beach land also all show a growth in their average listing price.
  • All economic trends point to ongoing growth in West Palm Beach real estate home values throughout 2015.

Great Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers

What does this mean for a West Palm Beach real estate buyer or seller like you? The answer is opportunity for both to become a first-time homeowner, upgrade to a larger home, or invest in West Palm Beach land to build a dream home or multifamily property.

Contact the West Palm Beach Real Estate Experts

To learn more about the opportunities now available in West Palm Beach real estate, contact the real estate professionals today at Arthur Murray Real Estate who have a proven track record of helping homeowners get the price they want or helping others fulfill their American dream of homeownership.

Why You Should Own a Piece of Valuable West Palm Beach Real Estate

Are you looking for a more laid-back yet upscale alternative to the fancy Palm Beach scene?  West Palm Beach real estate certainly deserves a serious look.  Whether you are a serious investor looking to take advantage of the low housing prices in the area or are someone who is contemplating a move to this beautiful area just for fun, West Palm Beach is a smart destination for today’s Florida real estate buyer.

Set right off of the gorgeous Intercostal Waterway, West Palm Beach is full of regional hot spots, including popular restaurants, nightclubs, and other popular destinations.  The town offers a classic small town coastal vibe with some of the most affordable luxuries housing in the state.  The city itself is 55 miles square and contains some of the prettiest historic buildings in the region.  Those, who are looking for the most authentic experience, will find beautiful remodels in historic buildings and new construction projects that take advantage of the natural beauty of the area.

One of the biggest perks of buying in West Palm Beach is the recently revamped waterfront area, which opened up the area to some stunning views and recreational opportunities.  The areas exciting remodel also sparked increased economic interest in the area.  The influx of high-quality restaurants and entertainment opportunities has resulted in some great growth for the region, as more people flock to the area to get a great deal on luxury housing in an area that is poised for continued growth.

If you are looking for real estate in Florida, look no further than West Palm Beach for some of the best deals on the state’s most beautiful homes.  You’ll find everything you could ever want here and more – contact a local relator today to learn more about this exciting and thriving area.