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Advantage of living in Deer Run Community

Deer Run is a lovely community located in the heart of south central Florida. It features a lush landscape that is rich with vegetation, plants, and even exotic animal life. Unlike other parts of the state, Deer Run land has not been over developed for residential or commercial purposes, leaving the natural beauty of the area in tact. This is reinforced by local laws that are designed to maintain the environment for the benefit of all.

Many of the Deer Run homes that are available are large, spacious, and luxurious, with multiple rooms, features, and amenities. They generally rest on large plots of land, giving you plenty of room to spread out and explore, no matter how big your family is. They also often include stalls and or pens, which can be used for keeping horses, or other livestock as desired. In fact many equestrian enthusiasts choose Deer Run properties for this reason.

Another advantage of living in Deer Run is the weather. In southern Florida the temperature generally remains warm, and comfortable, even during the worst winter months. That means that residents don’t have to deal with the hassle and expense of handling snow. At the same time the mild climate makes it easy to be active outdoors year round.

The location of Deer Run is quite convenient, situated between several major locations in southern Florida. Orlando, including Disney world and Universal Studios is two and a half hours north, while Fort Lauderdale is an hour south of this community, and West Palm Beach with its sun and sand is only about a twenty minute drive. In this way residents of Deer Run real estate properties can have the isolation and peace of a natural landscape, with convenient access to some of the biggest cities in the south.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Deer Run Real Estate Investment

Deer Run has some of Florida’s most beautiful equestrian homes, located just northwest of the popular Wellington village.  If you’ve chosen to make Deer Run real estate your home, there are some steps you can take to maximize your investment.  By taking the necessary steps to maintain your property while you own it, you can enjoy increasing value every day you own your land.

The beauty of Deer Run is that it was built specifically for equestrians with unique needs for horse boarding and trial riding.  Not you average housing development, the homes in Deer Run are beautifully built with fine craftsmanship and old world charm.  But in order to keep your home looking great after year, you must keep up with maintenance.  Doing the basics like powerwashing and repainting are great every few years or as needed, while landscaping should be maintained year round.  While the homes in Deer Run are considered more rural in nature, keeping up with the outdoor scenery helps in maintaining your curb appeal and helps keep those property values up.

To help your home increase in value, try making small additions every year, such as renovating the kitchen area or adding an extra bathroom or guesthouse in the main living space.  Little updates to your home can have a big impact on the value over time and can help you get the most out of your investment.

Keeping up the stalls, arenas, and pasture areas are also important in maintaining your Deer Run home.  Many owners bring in helpers to ensure a clean area for their horses as it truly can be a lot of work for one person.  Keeping up with this area of your property is certainly important when it comes to maintaining the value of your investment, so never skimp on the outdoor upkeep.

When you take care of your property in Deer Run, it will take care of you by maintaining steady growth while you own it.  When you look at your home as an investment, it’s easy to see why you should take care of it.