Living on the Edge – Life Between Rural and Suburban in the Acreage

The Acreage is an unincorporated community in Northern Palm Beach County. What makes this section of Palm Beach County stand out from its neighbors?

The Acreage, home to nearly 39,000 residents, offers another unique blend of that somewhat rural, somewhat suburban atmosphere. Many of the Acreage properties are typically single family homes, sitting on lots 1 acre or more in size. The Acreage homes are modern, in excellent condition, and offer residents a unique style of life.

Catering to an equine history, many of the roads in the Acreage remain unpaved; perfect for those horse riding enthusiasts seeking their next dream home. The quaint roads – surrounded by lush landscapes, filled with exotic wildlife such as snakes and peacocks – remind horse riders of days gone way by. Distant enough from the bustle of the city, having a plot of Acreage land is like preserving a piece of the American tradition.

The Acreage community is also home to nine parks, wooded areas, and garnished with several nature preserves.  If you are looking for some more recreational activities, there are also 4 country clubs within the confines of the community, where you will discover some amazing Acreage real estate. If you’re seeking out even more recreational activities, you will find that the nearby Village of Wellington is home to one of the most famous polo clubs in the nation. Equine competitions are prevalent throughout the year. Still not enough? Head east towards West Palm Beach and soak your feet!

A quick overview of the availabilities in the Acreage real estate market will not disappoint you. Furthermore, a quick jaunt around the community will lend credence to the fact that there is no other place in the beautiful state of Florida that offers the blend of community, privacy, and pristine quality as does the Acreage!