Fox Trail Properties – a Great Investment

Fox Trail is a peaceful community located in Loxahatchee, Florida. It is noted as being one of the most natural, and untouched places to live in the entire state, with an abundance of vegetation that makes for a stunning landscape. Fox Trail properties generally fall in line with this image, featuring large plots of land that stretch out, separating neighbors from one another to create a sense of peace and serenity. This is highlighted by the presence of exotic animals that can sometimes pop up in this still largely untouched location.

The style of this community is distinct, and attuned to the natural world. There are no chain stores allowed to exist here, and instead all of the retail outlets and restaurants are owned by local residents. Fox Trail homes are also noteworthy in that they do not follow any cookie cutter templates, making each a one of a kind work of architectural art. This helps to preserve the unique personality of the area.

One of the distinguishing factors of this community is its enthusiasm for equestrian sports. Fox Trail land is often purchased by people who have horses, and many of the homes for sale will already have stalls built to keep these animals safely in place. The area also boasts a number of riding rental and training centers, farms, boarding houses, and other local amenities to support these activities.

While Fox Trail itself is nestled in a cocoon of nature and beauty, it’s not at all isolated from the rest of the world. Located just two and a half hours south of Orlando, an hour north of Fort Lauderdale, and a mere twenty minutes from West Palm Beach, this community is accessible to many of the biggest and most important cities in the area. That allows residents of Fox Trail homes to enjoy the simple pleasure of life in the woods, while still being able to take advantage of a variety of social entertainment options.

Fox Trail real estate is a great investment. The community has personality, as do the homes, and many of the properties feature large lots of land with multiple options for boarding horses and other animals. Those rare qualities, combined with a stellar location, make this a desirable location that will only increase in value over time.