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Wellington Real Estate

Horses. Beaches. Sunshine. Culture. History. Shopping. Polo.

Do we have your attention yet? Good!

Wellington has all of these features and more! Once known as the world’s largest strawberry patch, it is now a prominent portion of Palm Beach County.

Wellington homes are tailored to fit the needs of the equestrian community that surrounds them. They are well-equipped for those looking to raise and ride horses; especially if you plan on attending one of the numerous events throughout the year at the world famous Palm Beach International Polo Club. Wellington Polo Properties are within riding distance to the three-month-long tournament!

In this lively and growing village, you will also encounter a large shopping center, an amphitheater, and a family friendly aquatics complex. Listed as one of Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2010, Wellington offers a wide variety of excitement and fun for the entire family!

Weekend Warriors will love to know that they are only a half hour drive away from the sunny Florida coast. Wellington homes are only an hour away from Fort Lauderdale and another half hour away past that to South Beach. Feeling like hitting the theme parks? Head north to Orlando!

Wellington, real estate properties, are modern, big, and beautiful. You will find a variety of styles that will compliment equestrian enthusiast lifestyles while allowing you to host extravagant events. You are close enough to the bigger cities to enjoy their amenities while avoiding their congestion. You are close enough to the beach to go for an afternoon splash and keep your tan fresh. You’ll be in the center of one of the most bustling equestrian communities in the country.

What more could you ask for?

Investigate Wellington properties. You won’t regret it!

Loxahatchee Groves Homes

Are you the kind of person that has always dreamed of living in a place that has all the charm of a small town within a stone’s throw of the hustle and bustle of a large city?

What if we said that place exists, and it is nestled among one of the lushest portions of this fine country?

Well it does exist, and that place is Loxahatchee Groves, Florida.

Loxahatchee Groves is marked by its equestrian trails, large plots of land, and proximity to West Palm Beach. That’s right, you have all the beauty and seclusion offered by the Loxahatchee Groves properties within a short distance from the beautiful Atlantic coast and that sprawling city that has garnered national attention for its wide variety of people and things to do. You’ll also want to keep in mind that day trips to Orlando or Miami are well within reason and well within the confines of being considered great fun!

Loxahatchee Groves homes, you will find, fit rather well within the confines of its natural green surroundings. Large plots of land, well-suited for equestrian or agricultural purposes, make up the residential portion of this town of just over 3,000 inhabitants.

Loxahatchee Groves homes are excellent options for prospective families, as well. Children will relish in the vast landscapes, full of beautiful wildlife. They might also find the local Wildlife African Safari drive-thru zoo to be a point of awesomeness! Add trips to the city on the calendar, and you’ll have no doubt that an investment in a piece Loxahatchee Groves real estate is an investment in your family and peace of mind.

3 Top Factors to Consider Before Buying Loxahatchee Real Estate

Are you considering investing in Loxahatchee real estate?  No matter where you are looking to buy, real estate is an important purchase decision that buyers shouldn’t take lightly.  While there is no “perfect time” to buy or ideal financial situation, there are some common things that potential buyers should think about.  We’ve put together the top three most important factors to consider before putting in that final bid or signing on the dotted line.

When considering buying real estate it is important to think of the current state of your finances and your employment situation.  You never know when life can alter your life path, so consider what changes could be coming your way down the road.  Purchasing a home near your job may seem like a great idea, but not if there is the possibility of being transferred to a different location.  You should also consider your lifestyle when thinking about real estate in the Loxahatchee area.  Buyers with fewer people in the home may not be as interested in larger properties that require more upkeep, while those with families often prefer homes that have some room to grow.

The second important consideration is your current financial situation.  When things are going well, it’s easy to assume that the money will keep rolling in and that you will continue to enjoy financial success.  In today’s economic climate, however, it’s important to realize that things can change on a dime.  It’s important to be realistic when thinking about your future economic situation and to plan for the different things that could happen.  You could lose your job; your hours could be reduced or you could suffer from an injury that prevents you from earning enough money to make your house payments.  Being prepared is the best way to plan for a new home.

The final consideration before buying in Loxahatchee is to think about what your end goals are for the property.  Some buyers are looking just for an investment while others are looking for an opportunity to grow and develop within a vibrant community.  No matter what your reasons for wanting to buy, be smart and think through your decision carefully before making your final choice.

Why You Should Own a Piece of Valuable West Palm Beach Real Estate

Are you looking for a more laid-back yet upscale alternative to the fancy Palm Beach scene?  West Palm Beach real estate certainly deserves a serious look.  Whether you are a serious investor looking to take advantage of the low housing prices in the area or are someone who is contemplating a move to this beautiful area just for fun, West Palm Beach is a smart destination for today’s Florida real estate buyer.

Set right off of the gorgeous Intercostal Waterway, West Palm Beach is full of regional hot spots, including popular restaurants, nightclubs, and other popular destinations.  The town offers a classic small town coastal vibe with some of the most affordable luxuries housing in the state.  The city itself is 55 miles square and contains some of the prettiest historic buildings in the region.  Those, who are looking for the most authentic experience, will find beautiful remodels in historic buildings and new construction projects that take advantage of the natural beauty of the area.

One of the biggest perks of buying in West Palm Beach is the recently revamped waterfront area, which opened up the area to some stunning views and recreational opportunities.  The areas exciting remodel also sparked increased economic interest in the area.  The influx of high-quality restaurants and entertainment opportunities has resulted in some great growth for the region, as more people flock to the area to get a great deal on luxury housing in an area that is poised for continued growth.

If you are looking for real estate in Florida, look no further than West Palm Beach for some of the best deals on the state’s most beautiful homes.  You’ll find everything you could ever want here and more – contact a local relator today to learn more about this exciting and thriving area.

What You Should Know Before Making an Offer on Acreage Real Estate

Are you looking at acreage real estate and dreaming of more space for horses or other outdoor activities?  There are some amazing opportunities for acreage real estate in the area, but it’s important to know what you are getting into before making that final offer.  We’ve compiled some helpful details that every potential buyer should know before making an offer on acreage real estate in Florida.

The first question, to ask about any acreage real estate, is the state of the septic system and water safety.  Land that doesn’t have access to clean, safe water isn’t a good investment and will only give you big headaches down the road.  Make sure you choose acreage that already has reliable sewer and septic systems in place for the easiest experience.

The second question, to ask, is what types of maintenance are required to keep up the land throughout the year.  This may just a matter of taking a look around and seeing what types of landscaping and building upkeep would be needed to keep up your property values and to maintain your overall curb appeal.  Being realistic about the time and costs involved with keeping up your property will help ensure you don’t get in over your head and choose something that you can’t maintain.

The third question, to ask, is about what you can and can’t do with the property once you own it.  Make sure you check into any deed restrictions or zoning ordinances carefully, as they may prevent you from building on the property later on.  All too often, buyers skip this important step and are surprised when they are trying to build on their land.  Be sure to read all of the fine print now, and you’ll save yourself big headaches down the road when purchasing acreage property for your family.

What Types of Wellington Properties Are Best for Your Family

If you are looking for Wellington properties, you may be wondering which types are best for your family.  One of the biggest challenges that first-time buyers face is deciding what type of property they want, and only looking at certain types of properties because they are within a given price range.  There are very few people who stay in the same house for their entire adult lives, and it’s very likely that you’ll move at least a few more times as your life circumstances change.  When looking for property that works for right now and beyond, it’s best to look at the whole picture before making your final purchase decision.

When purchasing residential properties in Wellington, there are many different options to choose from.  The area has a wide variety of luxury condos, townhouses, single-family homes and multi-family homes.  Many of the finest properties are located on the waterfront, with stunning ocean views and easy marina access that draws many residents to the area.  There has also been some great neighborhood development in the area, with lovely subdivisions that are perfect for families.

If you are looking for homes with acreage, Wellington has some great options.   The Village of Wellington itself has numerous opportunities for those who are interested in equestrian activities, hosting the biggest horse show in the world, not to mention the longest running equestrian program as well.   There are many serious equestrians who call this area home, and it’s a prime destination for those who are in the market for acreage property.

When looking for property in the Wellington area, keep in mind what kind of living space you desire and what types of activities you and your family would like to participate in.  This can help narrow down what you are looking for, making it easier to locate property in Wellington that’s perfect for the whole family.

Top Considerations Before Buying a Condo From Loxahatchee Real Estate Experts

Loxahatchee real estate agents agree that buying a condo can be a wonderful choice for either a full-time residence or for a vacation home.  No matter why you want a condo in the Loxhatchee area, there are some questions that you should ask before agreeing to the sale.  When it comes to your money, you don’t want to risk making a choice that ends up being an expensive mistake down the road.  Take the time now to be prepared, and you’ll be able to find the perfect condo for your needs.

So you think you’ve found the condo of your dreams and are ready to make an offer.  While it may be tempting to jump right into the process, take a personal “time out” to learn about the condo association.  Every condo comes with the condo owners association and the rules that every owner must abide by.  Ask about the fees, rules and other concerns you may have about the condo owners association.  The fees that come with owning a condo surprise many condo owners, including those that are intended to help, maintain public areas like the pool and tennis courts.  Make sure you have a clear understanding about all of your financial obligations before making your final decision.

It’s also a good idea to find out what your condo board’s stance is on renting to non-owners.  Some complexes have no problem with owners renting out their property to whomever they please, while others are stricter in order to maintain a more consistent tenant environment.  If you don’t want to risk the chance of having loud renters move in right next door to you, or if you want the option of being able to rent out your space in the future, then be sure to inquire about the rules.

Buying a condo can be a very rewarding process when you put the right amount of thought into the process.  Make the right choice by selecting a condo that works with your budget and that has your desired amenities.  Being smart and doing some research will help you get the condo of your dreams.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing West Palm Beach Land for a Vacation Home

If you are one of the smart people who has discovered the hidden charm of West Palm Beach land and are a looking for a vacation home destination, then you’ve come to the right place.  West Palm Beach is a wonderful place to live, but it’s also a great place to have a vacation home.  Whether you plan on staying for just a few weeks now and then or want to spend your winters in our mild temperatures, choosing this area is a smart choice.  Read on for our tips on important questions to ask before buying land in West Palm Beach for your vacation home.

Not all vacation homes in West Palm Beach are the same.  Some require more maintenance throughout the year than others, while others are found in high-rises that are 100% maintained by an on-site crew.  When looking for a vacation home in this exciting area, think about how much maintenance you are willing to put into a home.  Could afford to do the maintenance work yourself or would you hire a company to handle the hard work for you?  This is something important to consider, as it should impact what type of home you choose.

Next, it’s important to consider what types of activates and areas of town you would prefer to be in.  There are several historic areas, which feature some amazing luxury real estate opportunities and other more middle-ground options for more standard vacation homes.  Some areas are more centrally located to the regions famous bike trails while other are more centrally located to the vibrant shopping district.  The types of activities, you are most interested in, should ultimately determine the location of your vacation home.

Finally, be realistic when choosing a vacation home in West Palm Beach.  You can save a lot on some gorgeous properties when you are patient, know what you are looking for and are willing to have some flexibility on some of the less important features like pool size & number of bathrooms.  You never know what you can find when you shop with an open mind in West Palm Beach!

How to Use the Internet to Find the Best Equestrian Real Estate

Many equestrians come to Florida for the exciting competitive environment and for the great weather that is perfect for raising horses.  It can be a little overwhelming to look around for real estate in the popular Wellington and Deer Run areas, especially if you are new to the area as there are many great options our there.   Finding the best equestrian real estate in the area is possible when you take some time to do online research before you begin looking at properties.  We’ve put together some helpful tips to help make the process easier for a first time buyers of equestrian real estate.

When you are looking for property that isn’t just for you, but that is also for animals, it can be tough to know what to look for.  Luckily, the Internet has become a great place to look for equestrian properties.  Just perform a general search for properties in your desired neighborhoods, and you’ll get a list of potential options that you can narrow down by amenities and price.  This is a great way to start learning more about what is available.

Another great way to utilize the internet for the best equestrian properties is to check out real estate agent websites that are in the areas you are thinking about.  The local agents always have the best info and tips on getting the best properties in the area.  Just make sure they have experience working with equestrian properties as it takes experience and some industry know-how to get the job done right.

Finally, the Internet can be a great way to reach out to friends and co-workers who may have experience looking for the same types of properties.  Asking for tips on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites is a really helpful way to find out tips that you would never hear anywhere else and it can be a great way to help you find the perfect equestrian property in Florida.  Check out what’s available for equestrians today!

How to Hire the Best White Fences Real Estate Firm

Are you looking for the best White Fences real estate firm for your needs but aren’t sure of where to start?  If you have never purchased real estate before or are jumping back into the market after a long absence, you may be wondering how to hire a good real estate agent. We’ve put together some helpful information to help make the process easier on future property owners in the beautiful White Fences area.

One of the best ways to find great real estate agent is to see what others are saying online.  Check out the local review websites and ask around for recommendations from friends and family members.  The tried, and true method for gathering recommendations can still be quite effective when it comes to hiring a real estate agent.

Another great tip for finding the best White Fence realtor is to check out the licensing status of local agents.  As with all states, Florida has its website that track the licenses and complaints posted against different realtors in the state.  Never work with someone who isn’t licensed or who has too many negative marks on their record.  While the circumstances can vary, it’s best to stick with a realtor who has a clear track record of success.

Finally, look at the local listings that different agents are advertising on their website and take note of the different price ranges and the types of properties that they offer.  Keep in mind that not all agents specialize in all types of properties.  If you are looking for something specific, such as an equestrian property, it pays to work with a realtor who understands what you are looking for.

When looking for a realtor in White Fences, keep in mind that you always want to feel comfortable with the person or firm that you work with.  A piece of property is a big investment, and you need to feel comfortable with the person you choose for help.  Contact a trusted realtor today if you are ready to get started.